4 Enemies Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a journey and while it takes time to see the results that you want, somethings can halt your progress and leave you at a standstill. Whether you only have a few vanity pounds to lose or are trying to get back to a healthy weight after years of battling with obesity, these 4 enemies of weight loss can be combated with ease if you pay attention to look out for them and remedy them accordingly.

Drinking Your Calories

Most people do not realize just how many calories they are drinking in a small can of soda unless you put it into perspective. Consider this, for the same amount of calories in a bottle of Dr. Pepper, you could have an open-faced, grilled chicken sandwich with pickles and tomato, a garden salad and a garlic-salted carrot wedges. If you are drinking 5 sodas a day, that is the equivalent of eating many meals. Do you see how that might add up? Cutting soda may mean cutting back over time if you have become addicted to the caffeine, however, nixing soda all together can lead to a lot of weight loss in a short amount of time.

Skipping Weights

Weight lifting can contribute to weight loss significantly. Building muscle mass will lead to an increase in calorie burn because your body will need more fuel to support your new build. Many women fear that lifting will leave them looking bulky. However, unless athletic frames are bulky to you, you will not turn into Hulk. Female bodybuilders take supplements that boost testosterone. You cannot achieve that look with simple lifting – plexus weight loss reviews online.


Stress is a vicious cycle that can lead to overeating and slowed metabolism. This is a bad combination when you are trying to lose weight. It is important that you take care of yourself even if that means giving yourself the occasional vacation from your problems. Give yourself permission to let it go for a day. You will be glad that you did.


If you are working out tirelessly for hours each day, you may be overtraining. Overtraining is an actual thing that can lead to depression and even calling your weight loss journey quits. Your body needs time to recover. This is especially true if you have started lifting. If you never rest your body, you are only continually breaking down your muscles. If you work the same muscle group each day, you will never gain mass because your body will never have a chance to weave muscle fibers back together bigger and stronger.
Losing weight is not for the faint of heart, but if you stick with it and maintain self-control then it is quite simple. With equal parts action, diet and courage, you will achieve the body and health that you always wanted.